Sunday Faith Formation

Sunday School
From mid-September through mid-May, children 18 years and younger are welcome to our Sunday School which takes place from 9:30am-10:30am (which is between services).

Godly Play – Children age 3 through first grade are invited to attend Godly Play. This program, led by Karen Hahn, introduces young children to the Bible and prayer. Storytelling, art, music and of course play are used to build a strong foundation of faith. The fall curriculum focuses on the great stories found in the Books of Genesis and Exodus. Godly Play is located on the second floor in the “Upper Room.”

Growing with God – Children in second grade and beyond are welcome to join the Deep Blue Kids. Deep Blue is a Christian formation curriculum created for small groups of mixed ages. The fall units focus on service to God and others, and is particularly relevant in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey. The group will study the Old Testament to learn how Samuel, David and Solomon served God and his people. This group meets in the Children’s Choir classroom on the second floor. Kathy Kerber is the group leader.

Youth – please click here for the Youth Fellowship information or click here for Youth Group information.

Adult Christian Formation
Our Sunday morning Adult Christian Formation class continues to grow, nurturing our relationships with God and each other.  The class usually starts at 9:35 and lasts until 10:20. It is between our Sunday services so people can stay after the first service or come early before the second. No class is held when we attend the quarterly breakfast and enjoy good food and conversation.

On October 7, 2018 we began an interesting discussion and sharing about questions not only affecting the national church but St. Andrew’s.

                  Mainline Protestant churches are struggling today.  If God is telling
                  the church to evolve, what might the present and future church look like? 
                 How do we  discern this together?

This discussion may be a preamble to our gathering after church on October 14th when the topic is “Who is St. Andrew’s and what are we called to do and be at this time?”.

Please stop in and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and fellowship. Weekly attendance is not required but encouraged.